December 3, 2021

Why is translating important?

Being a translator can sometimes become a routine job of going through a series of files with little to no context as to what you are doing. Having this mindset isn’t good in the long run – you have to love and understand your profession to be good at it.

There are a number of very important reasons as to why translation is important, and the roots of this profession can be traced to Ancient Islamic states that translated Ancient Greek texts. Let’s take a look at some of the important facts and reasons as to why translation should be held in such high regard.

Not everyone is a native speaker

Chances are that an Argentinian or a Japanese author won’t be able to sell their books in Germany or India without translating them beforehand. The reason for this is simple – people are not omnipotent when languages are concerned

English is the most popular language in the world but it still doesn’t cover everyone who might want to read a book or visit a news website. The importance of translation comes into view when trying to convey information to other countries and continents even if they don’t know anything about your native language.

Approaching different markets

If you are a business owner or an office staff member you might be familiar with the difficulties of approaching different markets. Language translation and localization plays a huge part in bridging the gaps between world economies.

We wouldn’t have imported goods or brand subsidiaries in different countries without proper translation which they used to promote themselves beforehand. While some prefer using outsourced top translation companies like Pick Writers, others prefer working with in-house writers – both of which are viable options.

Spreading knowledge and information

If we go back to our initial example of Islamic writers translating Greek texts, we would see that they have preserved a majority of texts that would otherwise be unavailable to us today. Preserving knowledge, spreading information and enlightening people as to what their options are in life is an important part of what makes translation special.

Even translators that work in news websites or blogs will often transfer some knowledge to other parts of the world that would otherwise be oblivious to it. Translation plays a huge part in involving every person in the world in reading your texts and texts of your clients – as small or as large as they may be.

Making the world smaller

Having such a plethora of information available at the touch of a button essentially makes the world a much smaller place than it was several decades ago. Translators work hard to establish a network of information that is available to anyone who glances at their local websites, bookstores or even movie theaters.

Anything that is written or created in one language has the potential to spread across the globe and win the hearts and minds of many other readers and consumers. Anyone who considers themselves open-minded and willing to contribute to the society can consider a career in translation as a means to not only give back but earn a good living while doing so.

In summation

There will always be potential for becoming a translator in today’s market. Corporate documents will always need localization and writers will always need colleagues that want to translate their novels and articles into other languages.

Find a niche that works for you as an individual and do what you can to contribute to the argument in your own way. Developing new ways of translation and delivering information to clients and readers is always a welcome sight in the translation sphere. The only way to do it is to do what you love and innovate in doing so.

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